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Scuba Diving fun for everyone

Through the many advances in dive equipment technology, people of nearly any age can enjoy Sport Diving.

AquaMasters are dedicated to Sport Diving

Meetings once a month at the Lakewood YMCA give members a chance to catch up on the latest advances in equipment and to just mingle with eachother, while bi-weekly swim sessions on the second and forth fridays in the Y swimming pool allow us to test new gear or swim a few laps. On the third weekend of each month during the dive season the club meets at the local dive quarries to practice and sharpen our skills. Our dive Schedual offers a wide assortment of dive trips to satisfy and excite all levels of diver.

AquaMasters have been around since 1957. Our membership has a variety of dive skills. Each member is a Dive Buddy only a phone call away. If you are a Certified diver already, you will fit right in our cozy club. If you are looking for a dive school, we can steer you to the best dive schools that fit your needs. And then enjoy all the benefits of a full member of our club.

Members in good standing get discounts at participating area dive shops. All you need is an AquaMasters membership card!

If you can swim, then you owe it to yourself to enjoy SCUBA diving.